Avondale incorporates their old world craftsmanship with the outdoors, as they offer clients unique outdoor living areas. These spaces are perfect for entertaining and provide year round comfort despite traditional Midwest weather.

The most common thread running thru outdoor living spaces is the ability to entertain, cook, and enjoy the company of family and friends. Therefore Avondale Custom Homes works with clients to provide a fully functional space that eliminates trips to and from the home. Elements such as bathrooms, refrigerators, ovens, and televisions are brought outdoors. Kitchens mirror those inside the home by including countertops, cabinets, pizza ovens, freezer drawers, and sinks. Outdoor bars include wine coolers, keg taps, ice makers, blenders, and plenty of storage.

Traditional outdoor amenities such as pools, gazebos, built-in furniture, fireplaces, and spas can all be taken to the next level. By adding to these current elements, Avondale Custom Homes provides a space with greater use that maximizes the current livable space. Families will be able to spend more time outside, rather than in separate areas of the house. Party hosts will be able to mingle with guests instead of restocking the cooler.

Accents including lighting, planters, water gardens, and flowers are not forgotten. These decorative amenities can immensely add to the warm and inviting atmosphere of an outdoor living area. Relationships with area landscapers provide Avondale's clients with unique ideas and easy maintenance plans.

Whether remodeling the home's current outdoor plan or starting from the beginning, Avondale's close attention to detail and knowledge of materials and fixtures greatly add to the project. By viewing the outdoor living space as an extension to the home, Avondale carefully assesses traffic patterns, weather elements, and the overall needs of the client to carefully craft a custom space that not only fits in the yard, but also the budget.

"We have always been hesitant to build..., but working with you and your staff has been a much enjoyed pleasure. Your patience and constant responsiveness to detail and superb quality relieved our anxiety of the whole process in building our new home."

- Mr. and Mrs. F. R., St. Charles, IL


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