Avondale Custom Homes is pleased to offer a variety of residential additions. Whether adding an entire second story or simply extending the current kitchen and living room, Avondale can seamlessly blend the original architecture of the home while showcasing the beautiful addition. These spaces will be able to accommodate a growing family, provide a residence for aging in-laws, or purely maximize current living space.

The benefits of an addition are multiple in that they not only allow the family to continue residing in their familiar surroundings, rather than purchase a new home, but also potentially increase the sales revenue of the home at the time of disposition. Additions also allow for complete customization, whether it be the triple layer crown molding added to the project or the detailed door casing leading to the addition. Avondale's additions uphold the remarkable craftsmanship and vast design found in the company's new home construction.

By providing a comprehensive plan for the addition, Avondale Custom Homes can effectively manage all stages of the project while interfering with their client's daily life as little as possible. Furthermore, Avondale's knowledge of the administrative tasks associated with each city's construction permits, eases the process and keeps projects on time and in budget.

Whether simply looking for a builder to complete an addition, or starting at square one with the need for an architect, Avondale Custom Homes can work within their client's scope of work and provide an all-inclusive plan.


Most often the kitchen is the first area to be remodeled in a home. Whether it be due to the need for more space or merely to enhance the entire look of the house, the kitchen can be a defining area of the home. Many times it is where guests gather and families spend a majority of their time. Remodeling this area goes beyond adding the latest kitchen appliances and choosing between marble or granite countertops. Custom cabinetry, unique slate floors, ceilings adorned with painted tin, and creative door casings take the kitchen to the next level and set a tone for the remainder of the home.

Bathrooms are also highly sought after remodeling projects. Avondale provides custom vanities that enhance the current space and blend cohesively with elegant sinks and fixtures. Heated floors, double-insulated soaking tubs, and a variety of lighting options make this space warm and inviting for family members and house guests alike.

Basement completions and remodels allow for the most variety in construction as Avondale views this space as extension of the main living area. One of a kind home theaters, bars, game rooms, and exercise spaces are crafted with as much detail as the main dining room.

In addition to the benefit of living in a beautiful new space, remodeling can increase return on investment at the time of disposition. Kitchens and bathrooms are the top two items buyers look at when purchasing a home. Furthermore, basements add to the livable square footage of the home.

"We have always been hesitant to build..., but working with you and your staff has been a much enjoyed pleasure. Your patience and constant responsiveness to detail and superb quality relieved our anxiety of the whole process in building our new home."

- Mr. and Mrs. F. R., St. Charles, IL

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