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New Construction Homes in Burr Ridge-

Avondale Custom Homes proudly serves clients residing in Burr Ridge. Since 1992 the company has helping clients build their dream home, complete with fully finished basements, functional and eye-catching kitchens, and detailed custom woodworking throughout. Whether clients have their own lot in Barrington or are looking to tear down an existing home, Avondale can help.

Remodeling and Additions-

With real estate being ever so popular in Burr Ridge, many people choose to remodel their current home rather than start from a vacant lot. Avondale is happy to help clients in Burr Ridge with these remodeling projects or additions. Extending the life of a home, Avondale can add a master suite on the first floor, in-laws quarters, and even an elevator for continued access throughout the home. Basement completions are another service Avondale offers in Burr Ridge.

Residential Outdoor Living Spaces-

Avondale is happy to offer clients in Burr Ridge the option of outdoor living spaces. By taking the same detailed work and craftsmanship of an Avondale home, our firm can create a one-of-a-kind living space outdoors. Functional kitchens complete with ovens, ice drawers, and dishwashers make entertaining outside as easy as it is inside. Avondale is sure to choose fixtures and finishes that will weather Burr Ridge's seasons well.

Commercial Projects in Burr Ridge-

As commercial real estate continues to grow in Burr Ridge, Avondale offers clients complete design build services. From restaurants to high end offices, Avondale can provide custom build outs, renovations, and full building construction in Burr Ridge for a variety of commercial tenants.


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